Object 7

4 participants

Step 1

You (the participants) thoroughly read this manual.

Step 2

You each take a position nearby the depot, arranged in a row from shortest to tallest participant.

Step 3

Every one of you takes one red stick.

Step 4

Every one of you takes a position in a segment of object 7 in front of the blocks with holes in them.

Step 5

Logically speaking, the tallest participant in the group has the longest arms and same goes the other way around.

Make sure that the shortest participant places the stick in the top hole of the blocks.

Participants of average height place the stick in the middle hole of the blocks.

The tallest participant places the stick in the bottom hole of the blocks.

Step 6

Together, you simultaneously lift object 7 with stretched arms.

Step 7

You place object 7 somewhere in the exhibition space without verbal communication. (Be careful and make sure you don’t injure yourself or drop object 7!)

Step 8

You (carefully) place object 7 and wait there for approximately 3 minutes. (You're still not allowed to discuss the placement of object 7.)

Step 9

You return object 7 to its rightful place in the depot once you’re done. Place the sticks next to object 7.